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Had Any Habakkuk Moments Lately?

“Why is this happening to me?”

“Why do such bad things happen to good people?”

“Why did he get the raise when I know I’ve worked so much harder?”

“I don’t understand why she has to suffer when she did nothing wrong!”

If you’ve found yourself making these type of statements, you’ve experienced a “Habakkuk Moment.”

Habakkuk is found near the end of the Old Testament in a section referred to as the Minor Prophets. Not much is known about this man except for the burden that he had for his people of Judah. He was worried that God had forgotten His promises because the people were not being punished for their covenant failures. When God informed Habakkuk that judgment was coming via Babylon, Habakkuk has an interesting response.

Why would God use a pagan nation to judge a “more righteous” people?

God’s response to this question is one to take note of. God simply told Habakkuk to wait and see.

My students hate when I don’t give them a direct answer, but I do so, not to aggravate them, but rather to keep their attention. If they have the question in their mind as we continue through the information, I know that their question will be answered. It is great to see that “lightbulb moment” when the student is then able to connect the dots for himself. God encourages Habakkuk to increase his faith by trusting that all will be made clear in time.

If you find yourself in a situation that you cannot understand, let me challenge you to increase your faith like Habakkuk and trust that God is still in control. Claim His sovereignty as you…

Walk in Him!

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