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Brothers in Christ

There are relationships that are formed in life that are extremely superficial. Associations made through work or school tend to be among the most common that only exist because you happen to be in the same place for an extended period of time. I'm sure meaningful relationships spring from these but not many. I was… Continue reading Brothers in Christ

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Keeping the Past in the Future

There are many approaches to dealing with the past. Most would probably agree with the old adage, "What's done is done." Why dwell on the past? Others agree with philosopher George Santayana who said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." In other words, learn from your mistakes. I love when… Continue reading Keeping the Past in the Future

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The Bigger Picture

Putting puzzles together is an interesting mode of entertainment we humans seem to be fond of. There is just something about creating order out of complete chaos that is extremely satisfying. However, have you ever found yourself just staring at a single piece trying to figure out where it's supposed to fit in the bigger… Continue reading The Bigger Picture

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My Favorite President

The third Monday in February has been set apart as a day to honor the leader of our country, the President of the United States. Many Americans get the day off to reflect on what our great leaders of the past have done. It wouldn't hurt to take some time to pray for our current… Continue reading My Favorite President

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This Is Not A Drill

My heart goes out to the grieving family and friends in Parkland, FL who are connected to Wednesday's shooting. I'm sure many are struggling to understand why this happened, why these lives had to end so soon. I'm confident that God has the answer though we may never receive that knowledge on this side of… Continue reading This Is Not A Drill

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A True, True Love Story

True love is hard to find these days, at least in the sense that most people believe it to be. Experiencing that "love at first sight" moment that is followed by "happily ever after" just doesn't seem to happen too often. In fact, Hollywood is taking more time to explore other types of love because… Continue reading A True, True Love Story