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Brothers in Christ

There are relationships that are formed in life that are extremely superficial. Associations made through work or school tend to be among the most common that only exist because you happen to be in the same place for an extended period of time. I’m sure meaningful relationships spring from these but not many.

I was blessed to attend an amazing college which afforded me the opportunity to make some great friends. Of all the friendships made (aside from my wife), the friends most dear are the guys I traveled with back in 2007. We were the Praisemen, a ministry/recruitment team that visited schools across the USA presenting our college through singing and improv comedy. We had a blast interacting with teens and making adventures of our own, but that’s not what truly bonded us together.

This past weekend, we were able to have a quasi-reunion (minus one member) culminating in an improv comedy show like we did in the old days. We enjoyed a lot of laughs and got each other up to speed on our growing families, but there is something much deeper that we share, our bond in Christ. Our brotherhood has been fashioned over the years by sharing our hearts with each other and constantly pointing one another back to God.

As time has seen us grow apart geographically, it was amazing to experience that we are still just as close as we have ever been. My hope is that everyone can understand this level of friendship. It begins with a personal relationship with Christ. Without Him, no relationship will be able to fill the void that we so desperately need. Building other relationships on that foundation makes them so much more meaningful. I’m glad I have my “brothers” that I can turn to. Don’t underestimate the fellowship of friends in Christ as you continue to…

Walk in Him.

(Side note – The featured picture is actually a “logo” one of the guys made of our group.)

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