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We Need More Moons

Have you ever stopped to consider how important our moon is? Without the moon…well… it would be a little less bright at night and the oceans wouldn’t be as wavey. Hmm… That doesn’t seem all that important!

Actually, what amazes me about our moon is what it is not. In and of itself, the moon is rather insignificant. Its importance is derived from another source, namely the sun. The moon can’t produce light on its own. Even on those super bright nights when the moon is shining the most brilliantly, it is actually doing absolutely nothing. What makes the moon so special is the material on its surface that allows it to reflect the light that the sun is casting on it. When the moon is dark, the sunlight is simply being blocked by the earth.

When you dwell on that fact, hopefully, you see the simple lesson God has placed right in front of us. 1 John tells us repeatedly that when we follow God and His Word we are walking in the light. To act contrary to His Word is to walk in darkness. Do you see the connection? In and of ourselves we are insignificant, worthless beings. Our only true value is derived from the light that we receive from a greater source. Christ is the only light capable of shining. Our job is to simply reflect that light as it is cast upon us. Too often, however, we allow other things to get in the way. Then we have the audacity to say that the problem lies in the source of that light when He can do no wrong.

How are you reflecting the light of the Son today? Can you see His light or is something blocking it? Take time to walk in the light today as we seek to continue to…

Walk in Him.

(FYI – I love taking pictures of the moon. Enjoy a few that I took yesterday!)

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