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How Much Is Too Much?

We’ve all done it. We’ve walked into the store while hungry and suddenly glanced down to realize nothing in the cart was actually on the grocery list. The marketing teams of products chalk-up another win because they know how to appeal to our wants and desires. The question is how much of this “extra” is appropriate?

Does this not extend to other areas of life? We perhaps lose focus for a time and realize that we’ve allowed a lot of “extra” to build up around us. How do we know when we have reached that point of creating problems? To answer that question we must first understand what is “needful.”

When shopping, responsible people create a list of needed items before entering the store. Teachers will create lesson plans to be sure information that must be learned is presented. This does not mean that we are restricted to those plans alone, but that plan should be the priority.

Jesus, in Luke 10, responds to a sister who is so caught up in the “extra” that she missed the “needful”. There was actually nothing wrong with what she was doing, but her priorities were out of place. She should have been more concerned with the “needful” thing of spending time with her Lord.

Did you catch what this does? By placing our focus first on the “needful” thing, the proper view of “extra” becomes more clear. Instead of asking what is too much, we need to ask what is “needed?” That is not to say any “extra” is bad, but we must keep our priorities straight. The one needful thing for all of us is to have a relationship with God. Everything else must fall from that relationship.

Keep your focus on Christ as you continue to…

Walk in Him.

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