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Doubting the Trustworthy

How is it that humans are often doubting the only thing that they can trust in a given situation? Think of kids that won't jump into the pool where Dad had just caught them moments before because "He may miss this time!" Think of students who question the teacher on answers to tests with "Are… Continue reading Doubting the Trustworthy

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A Day to Remember

America has a tradition of taking time to honor those who have sacrificed to preserve the freedoms we enjoy. We take the respect that is to be given to men and women in uniform very seriously. While other things that ought to be honored, such as our flag, president, and criminal justice system, seem to… Continue reading A Day to Remember

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Staying in the Boat

Whitewater rafting can be a daunting experience. Conditions can change so quickly. One minute the rafters can be gently gliding down a calm river and the next they are plunged into a soup of boulders and drop-offs. If one doesn't know what to look for, the entire raft can be easily capsized leaving all of… Continue reading Staying in the Boat

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Mother’s Day

American's have been celebrating Mother's Day since 1914 when President Wilson made it an official national holiday. However, the main person who advocated that the country take a day to appreciate mothers had all but disowned the holiday by the end of her life. She felt that the original spirit of the holiday had been… Continue reading Mother’s Day

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Key to Success

Success...what is it? Can anyone come up with a single definition that fully encompasses everything that is packed into that word? The fact is that success looks different to everyone. Even to each individual, success can change. While one student finds success in scoring all A's, another may be more successful in scoring all D's.… Continue reading Key to Success