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Key to Success

Success…what is it? Can anyone come up with a single definition that fully encompasses everything that is packed into that word?

The fact is that success looks different to everyone. Even to each individual, success can change. While one student finds success in scoring all A’s, another may be more successful in scoring all D’s. One man finds success in accumulating over $1 billion, while another man may find success without a single penny to his name. How does that work?

Success is measured by what we value. If we value money, we will only achieve success once we’ve reached that desired amount. If we value high grades, we can only be successful when that is true of our report card.

The real problem with that approach to success is that every man will be evaluated whether they are successful or not by something outside of themselves. We can see this truth illustrated by looking at historical figures who believed they achieved something that years later turned out to be rather worthless. Yes, they still viewed themselves as successful but history proved them otherwise. The key to success is finding that standard by which true success is measured and following that.

God gives us that standard. His Word identifies that success can only be achieved when we learn more about Him and follow His commands. Solomon lived, what many would deem, a successful life. But by the end, he saw nothing but waste and regret. God inspired him to pass on this key in Ecclesiastes 12. The only reason we live is to live in a relationship with God.

Make your life successful by continuing to…

Walk in Him.

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