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Mother’s Day

American’s have been celebrating Mother’s Day since 1914 when President Wilson made it an official national holiday. However, the main person who advocated that the country take a day to appreciate mothers had all but disowned the holiday by the end of her life. She felt that the original spirit of the holiday had been overshadowed by commercialization. Stores took advantage of the holiday and coerced people to worry more about the gift that was given.

It is interesting to me that we, as Americans, have all but swallowed that commercial pill. We like being introduced to new things that perhaps can express our feelings better than we think we are capable of creating on our own. When that item we give fails to communicate that which was desired, we often respond with, “Well, it’s the thought that counts.” How much thought was really put into it though?

This Mother’s Day, don’t spend so much time thinking about the flowers, cards, or gifts. Take time to really think about how much that woman you have the privilege to call “Mom” really means to you. Once you have done that, tell her, preferably face-to-face. That will mean so much more than any gift can do, not to say a gift can’t accompany that.

These holidays usually remind me that I take far too much for granted. I hope you can give your mom (or the mother of your children) a special squeeze this Mother’s Day. If you can’t, at least thank the Lord for the one you get to call “Mom.”

Stay faithful as you…

Walk in Him.

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