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Staying in the Boat

Whitewater rafting can be a daunting experience. Conditions can change so quickly. One minute the rafters can be gently gliding down a calm river and the next they are plunged into a soup of boulders and drop-offs. If one doesn’t know what to look for, the entire raft can be easily capsized leaving all of its inhabitants hopelessly floating down the river.

The Christian walk is a lot like that. What may seem like smooth sailing one minute can easily turn into a maelstrom of troubles. The important thing is to stay in the boat.

God told Noah to build an ark to preserve his family and the earth’s animals. Had Noah not followed God’s instructions, he would have been lost. There would have been no hope to escape the catastrophe that was the Flood. God has also given us that same chance of deliverance.

By sending Christ to die on the cross, God has provided the boat (or ark) that will keep us high and dry through a tumultuous life on earth. Sure we might get splashed once and a while and maybe bumped around, but Christ has secured us to His craft. We must simply trust that security and follow the path that He has set to make our “ride” as smooth as possible.

Follow on as you…

Walk in Him.

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