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There are many lessons that can be learned on a farm. The same lessons can be taught or learned elsewhere, but there is just something about experiencing the illustration in real life.

Growing up on a beef farm, I had much interaction with cattle. One thing you learn very early is that these creatures have a very interesting eating procedure. Due to a multi-chambered stomach, cattle will eat something, like grass, and regurgitate it several times in order to extract every bit of nutrient they can which allows the food to pass from chamber to chamber. This process is called ruminating or chewing the cud.

When God chose Joshua as Moses’ successor, He challenged him to “meditate” on Scripture day and night that he may gain the courage and wisdom to lead the children of Israel. The word “meditate” carries with it the same idea of a cow that chews her cud. She will constantly go through that material to gain the most benefit possible.

When was the last time you chose to ruminate on God’s Word? His Word should be so important to us that we take time to get the full benefit. Allow Him to show Himself faithful as you..

Walk in Him.


*The picture is a view from my family’s farm.

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