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Cutting Grass

It’s that time of year. The sun is shining. The temperatures are rising. The grass is growing, which means it’s time to head outside and start up the old mower.

I love mowing the grass. There are few jobs that allow you to be quasi-focused, while most brain activity is being spent thinking of a plethora of other things, and yet look back with complete satisfaction after the job is done.

The irritating thing about it is that you know that cutting job will need to be done all over again in a week or so. All of that time and energy seems to be so short-lived.

To think about it more, however, that’s really how life works. If we only put time and energy into something once, there usually is quite a bit of value lost as time goes on. The things that last are the items we continually revisit to improve. The more time we take, usually, the better the result.

The same goes for the Christian walk. Our relationship with God can’t be a one-and-done event. It requires constant care and devotion. As that relationship is cultivated, you’ll find that it’s actually quite enjoyable as well! It’s even better than cutting grass!

Stay focused as you cultivate your…

Walk in Him.

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