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Defining Grace

Going straight to Merriam-Webster, one will find that biblical grace is defined in three ways: 1) Unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration or sanctification 2) A virtue coming from God 3) A state of sanctification enjoyed through divine assistance Without going on to define the other big words used in these definitions,… Continue reading Defining Grace

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Standing in Awe

Many things are described as "awesome" nowadays. "That pizza was awesome!" "That was an awesome movie!" "I just bought the most awesome pair of sunglasses!" That description could really be applied to anything that gets one quasi-excited. Have you ever truly been awe-filled, though? There are a few times in my life that I feel… Continue reading Standing in Awe

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Doubting the Trustworthy

How is it that humans are often doubting the only thing that they can trust in a given situation? Think of kids that won't jump into the pool where Dad had just caught them moments before because "He may miss this time!" Think of students who question the teacher on answers to tests with "Are… Continue reading Doubting the Trustworthy

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There are many lessons that can be learned on a farm. The same lessons can be taught or learned elsewhere, but there is just something about experiencing the illustration in real life. Growing up on a beef farm, I had much interaction with cattle. One thing you learn very early is that these creatures have… Continue reading Ruminate

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Stop Giving!

The instrumentalist had worked hard preparing for Sunday mornings offertory. Just as he was at the climax of the arrangement, the pastor suddenly approached the podium and announced, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but the trustees have just informed me that we have received too much! I'm going to have to stop the offering early. Sorry for… Continue reading Stop Giving!