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Is History Dead?

"Why do we have to learn about dead people?" This is a very common question, especially in a junior high classroom. The thing I love about history is that we have the opportunity to look at life through someone else's perspective. It's not like a movie or a fiction novel that we look at someone… Continue reading Is History Dead?

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Teachers are supposed to decorate their classrooms in a way that encourages learning. Upon entering the room, one should easily determine the grade level and subjects that are usually taught in that room. This year, I ran across a bulletin board idea that I needed to have in my room. It really doesn't have much to… Continue reading THINK

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This Is Not A Drill

My heart goes out to the grieving family and friends in Parkland, FL who are connected to Wednesday's shooting. I'm sure many are struggling to understand why this happened, why these lives had to end so soon. I'm confident that God has the answer though we may never receive that knowledge on this side of… Continue reading This Is Not A Drill

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To Believe, or Not To Believe

Why does it seem that our world seems to be decreasing in our knowledge of what is actually going on when we have more access to said knowledge than ever before? In a tech-savvy world that is swarming with click-bait and fake news, it's no wonder that people are hesitant to believe everything they read or… Continue reading To Believe, or Not To Believe

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One Nation Under God

One may question the validity of our country's motto, "In God We Trust." Is that true of America today? The media definitely makes it appear to be quite the opposite. If you support/promote God in any way, you are immediately labeled as a bigotted, judgmental, intolerant, and hate-filled individual. But again I ask, is that… Continue reading One Nation Under God