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To Believe, or Not To Believe

Why does it seem that our world seems to be decreasing in our knowledge of what is actually going on when we have more access to said knowledge than ever before? In a tech-savvy world that is swarming with click-bait and fake news, it’s no wonder that people are hesitant to believe everything they read or hear, or are they?

At least once a year, I have my history students pair up to teach a section of one of the chapters we are covering. There are not many requirements other than present the material that is in the chapter. They don’t have to do any extensive outside research, and yet every year at least one group shares some information that is nowhere to be found in the textbook. In fact, these kids will often share incorrect info so confidently it would be easy to believe that it is the truth.

I have a theory. I may be wrong, but I believe (see what I did there) that our children are struggling so much to determine the truth from us adults that eventually they give in to this post-modern-type thinking that the truth really doesn’t matter. Even when discussing historical facts they believe that being “entitled to their opinion” means that it could have happened any which way. It really doesn’t matter.

Folks. Just because someone we know, trust, or look up to says something does not mean it is absolute gospel truth. The Bible tells us of the Bereans who, after sitting under the preaching of their pastors, would go home and search the Scriptures to decide if what they heard was the truth or not. We need more Bereans today. Take the time to discern the truth. I’m not saying to doubt every word, but don’t be so quick to swallow everything that is fed to you.

To end on a positive note, I was reminded of the Apostle Paul’s trial with Agrippa in Acts 26. After Paul delivered the gospel, Agrippa makes the statement, “Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.” Quite possibly one of the saddest statements in Scripture reminds us of our true purpose on earth. Paul’s desire was that Agrippa would be completely persuaded that God is the only way, truth, and life. He is the only source that can be completely trusted and believed. May we do our part to share that truth with others as we…

Walk in Him.

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