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Is History Dead?

“Why do we have to learn about dead people?” This is a very common question, especially in a junior high classroom.

The thing I love about history is that we have the opportunity to look at life through someone else’s perspective. It’s not like a movie or a fiction novel that we look at someone else’s interpretation of life, but really see what others truly believed.

Take Robert E. Lee, for instance. Here was a man who spent his entire life in the U.S. military. Yet when he was offered command of Union troops, he couldn’t bear the idea of invading what he believed to be his home, Virginia. Keep in mind that his home was literally across the river from the U.S. capital, but that river was the dividing line between the north and the south. That is crazy to me.

This man also was dedicated to his relationship with the Lord. He believed that what he was fighting for was right. He did his best!

Can we learn absolutely nothing from this dead guy?

We learn from our past to prepare for our future. Don’t neglect the bounty of wisdom and knowledge that can be gained by doing just a little bit of reading.

May we grow in our knowledge as we seek to…

Walk in Him.

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