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Moving Forward?

My wife had a first yesterday when she ordered groceries online which were then placed in the car for her when she arrived at the store for pick up. As is the trend today, she was quick to record herself to share her experience with the world. She was able to go shopping with our two toddlers and get back home within half an hour! Amazing!

Funny thing about that though was she then texted me to run to the store to grab a few things she forgot to get. Now I get to share my shopping experience.

I arrived to the store around 4:00 pm after I left school. I was able to nab my usual parking space that’s not too close and yet not too far from the door. After entering the store, I got to walk through the WHOLE store looking for things. There were even I few things that I found that I didn’t know I needed. Crazy! After making successful selections, I headed for the checkout counters. This store actually has just installed many self-checkouts which make the process very fast.

On my way to these self-checkouts, I noticed a cashier who was just finishing with her only customer. I figured, “Why bother with the self-checkout when this person is being paid to do it for me?” I veered my cart into the aisle and patiently waited for the customer ahead of me to conclude her business.

As I was waiting, I happened to make eye-contact with the cashier who then asked me, “How are you?” I gave a typical reply that I was doing great. Once the cashier began checking my items, she started telling me about exciting news in her life. She spoke to me as though I were a friend she hadn’t seen in a while, though I am sure we’ve never met. During the conversation, I began to realize that she was simply excited to interact with someone who showed an interest.

Think about our current society for a moment. While being able to order things online or go through a self-checkout is a wonderful opportunity, think about the many moments of pleasant interaction we are missing out on. No wonder our kids don’t know how to show respect in there conversation when they never actually see people to interact with them. Understand, I am not saying that technology is destroying our culture. Simply, take time to be aware of the opportunities that are right in front of you.

Take time to be that listening ear today as you faithfully…

Walk in Him.

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