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Doubting the Trustworthy

How is it that humans are often doubting the only thing that they can trust in a given situation? Think of kids that won’t jump into the pool where Dad had just caught them moments before because “He may miss this time!” Think of students who question the teacher on answers to tests with “Are you sure?” Take that even further to the teacher pointing out the correct answer in the textbook or answer key and the student still doubting it is correct. Why do we do that?

There seems to be a much larger issue that these situations only give us a glimpse of. We doubt what is around us because our foundations are already weak. The foundation may be that relationship with the parent or teacher, but the more important foundation is the relationship with God. The more we doubt the Almighty Sovereign of the universe the more understandable it is to doubt fallible human beings.

Yet, somehow, humans feel that it is OK to doubt God and His Word. “I can’t see it. Why should I believe it?” Valid question, but the premise is faulty. If we are only trusting what we can find evidence of, how much of that is actually trust? Should it be difficult to take the word of the One who created me and will judge me at the end? It really shouldn’t, but I doubt Him on a daily basis.

May God draw us closer to Him in a trusting relationship as we strive to…

Walk in Him.

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