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Living With Regret

Thinking of regrets may bring to mind the candy bar commercial of the man in the tattoo parlor who discovers that the artist had mistakenly written "No Regerts" instead of "No Regrets." There is wonderful humor in the knowledge that this man had the goal of regretting nothing in life but must now be constantly… Continue reading Living With Regret

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To Believe, or Not To Believe

Why does it seem that our world seems to be decreasing in our knowledge of what is actually going on when we have more access to said knowledge than ever before? In a tech-savvy world that is swarming with click-bait and fake news, it's no wonder that people are hesitant to believe everything they read or… Continue reading To Believe, or Not To Believe

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Had Any Habakkuk Moments Lately?

"Why is this happening to me?" "Why do such bad things happen to good people?" "Why did he get the raise when I know I've worked so much harder?" "I don't understand why she has to suffer when she did nothing wrong!" If you've found yourself making these type of statements, you've experienced a "Habakkuk… Continue reading Had Any Habakkuk Moments Lately?

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One Nation Under God

One may question the validity of our country's motto, "In God We Trust." Is that true of America today? The media definitely makes it appear to be quite the opposite. If you support/promote God in any way, you are immediately labeled as a bigotted, judgmental, intolerant, and hate-filled individual. But again I ask, is that… Continue reading One Nation Under God