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Following the Stars

Have you ever considered that as technology continues to advance people tend to become less aware of their surroundings? Take, for instance, the stars. For many centuries, people were very dependent on the stars for navigation, getting from one place to another. Some developed technology to more accurately read the stars, but looking at them was still a vital part of making that technology work. What do people do today to get somewhere? Punch in an address on their phone and take off, right? Is there any more reason to look up into the night sky?

Don’t get me wrong, technology is a wonderful thing. God has gifted many people to create outstanding things that allow for an easier life. However, what saddens me is that there is less dependence on something that God had a purpose for. Not only that, but we are taking less time to literally look up, to see the magnificent creation of an almighty Creator.

I’m not suggesting the next time you take a trip to set the phone to the side, roll down the windows, and follow Polaris. Chances are that won’t work out too well. But I am encouraging you to not neglect the things of God. Take time to set technology aside and take in the ultimate HD of nature. Instead of taking that 45 minutes to get caught up on the latest episode, invest that 45 minutes in getting to know the God of the universe by taking in His Word. As navigators of old would follow the stars, keep your eyes on the Lord as you…

Walk in Him.

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