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Deer Crossing

When you grow up in western Pennsylvania, you learn very quickly to watch for deer when driving at night. You never know when one of these guys will jump right out in front of you. Another thing that you learn is when you see one deer chances are that more are following. That’s especially useful when hunting to be sure you don’t shoot before the big guy comes out.

This tip came in handy this morning when one deer popped out of the woods in front of me. Thankfully, I slowed to almost a stop even after she was off the other side of the road because just as I reached that spot another doe came flying out from the same place. She surely would have rammed right into the side of my car. All those years of Pennsylvania driving finally paid off.

I began thinking how life ought to be more like that. If we lived with the anticipation that troubles or temptations may jump out at any minute, we may be a bit more capable of avoiding a crash. Paul writes about that in Ephesians 5. Our Christian walk ought to be done carefully (circumspectly), as though we were walking through a minefield. That doesn’t mean that we live in constant fear and worry, but to use caution and wisdom rather than being carefree and foolish. I’ve hit a deer in the past. We won’t miss every obstacle that comes our way, but we must use those experiences to help us avoid hitting more in the future.

Keep an eye out for those deer that life will throw at you as you faithfully…

Walk in Him.

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