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The Fires of Change

Driving down the road, several years back, I came across a fire. Not a bonfire or house fire that may be more common, this fire was in the midst of fields of grass and grain. My initial reaction was that something must have caught on fire like a tractor or piece of equipment (also experienced that at my own farm growing up), but there was something different. There were quite a few people around the area spreading the fire. No one was trying to put it out. They were burning that area on purpose.

Of course, most people understand what was going on here (after a few seconds of shock, it clicked for me too). Burning an area returns important nutrients to the soil which allows it to, after time, grow back more green and lush than it was before. People who live in areas that have been devastated by wildfires understand this. While everything seems dead for a long time, eventually, everything grows back. For a long time, there was a ring of dark grass in my yard that looked more healthy than anything around it, and that was because we had a fire ring in that spot for a while. Yes, fires are devastating, but they are also rejuvenating.

Many are familiar with the text from Romans 12 which states that a believers mind must be transformed in order to conform to God’s standard and will. However, don’t be deceived into thinking that this transformation is like flipping a switch. Successful change is not an easy process. Many times it is like a wildfire. It spreads into every area and aspect of life and almost seems to spin out of control, but with time and dedication, things will begin to fall into place.

Take hope in the words, “When you walk through the fire, I (God) will be with you. You are mine. You are precious in my sight.” Making changes to be like Christ will be difficult, but He has promised to be with us all the way. He will make it all right.

Be encouraged as you…

Walk in Him

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