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What Would You Wish For?

I was recently asked if I was given one wish to come true, what would I wish for. I have often wondered what I would wish for, especially if the whole three wishes from a genie in the lamp ever became a reality; however, to limit the wishes to one makes it even more difficult.

My first response is to wish for Christ to come again instantly, but that would imply that Christ came by my wish which would, in turn, mean all who are lost eternally are lost because of me. Obviously, Christ would not come because I wished for it so I would have to wish for something else. World peace, an infinite supply of money, and ultimate power are also lost on me because I’m very much aware of the flesh and my own weakness.

If I was granted the opportunity to have one wish come true, I would wish for the ability to read insanely fast while retaining a useful knowledge of all the information that I have read. I love books, but I read so very slow, mainly because I get distracted easily or want to follow a train of thought brought up from the reading. This ability would enable me to consume multiple books within a day and be able to use that knowledge; however, it would keep me limited to using my natural intellect in order to use that info.

What would you wish for? Obviously, wishing won’t make it happen, but there is good in thinking about what truly matters to you. If your wish concerns eternal life or death, I’m happy to tell you that that wish can come true! By receiving God’s gift of salvation, He promises eternal life with Him. If you have never accepted Him as Savior, may I encourage you to send your wish to Him today?

May your wish come true as you…

Walk in Him

P.S. – Ever make a dandelion wish before?

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