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Who is Patrick?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Wait…happy who? Who is this guy that so many people don the green and orange and often become intoxicated for? It seems to me he must have been quite the party animal. Right? I mean we have a character who is known for his jolliness and love for giving gifts at a time of year where we do the same. Why should this holiday be any different? The honest answer to this question is, “I have absolutely no idea!”

Granted, Patrick has really been given a backseat on this day. It is more of a day to celebrate a way of life stereotypically applied to the Irish people. Isn’t it fascinating how many people can so quickly identify with the Irish one day every year? It really boggles the mind to think about how this day has become as big of a deal that it currently is.

I do, however, believe that there is more to this holiday than one might think. When you actually take the time to study Patrick’s life (avoiding as much of myth as possible), you will scratch your head a bit more over how the world has come to use this man’s life as an international holiday. In fact, I truly believe that if more people knew Patrick we would see a quick name-change of this day to retain what people love about today. Patrick was not a party animal. He was a missionary.

Patrick dedicated his life to sharing the gospel with a country that had kidnapped and enslaved him. When the church of his day refused to officially send him, he set out on his own. Overcoming incredible obstacles, Patrick is a shining example of one who lived what he believed. He did not allow tradition or the pressure of society to avert his understanding of God’s truth. He taught the Bible as he understood it.

Take the time to look into this man’s life today. I’m sure there are many who have more time than usual. This will be an advantageous study. But more than that, learn God’s Word. Follow the instruction God shows you as you read.

Live what you believe as you daily…

Walk in Him.

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