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Mother’s Day

American's have been celebrating Mother's Day since 1914 when President Wilson made it an official national holiday. However, the main person who advocated that the country take a day to appreciate mothers had all but disowned the holiday by the end of her life. She felt that the original spirit of the holiday had been… Continue reading Mother’s Day

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Key to Success

Success...what is it? Can anyone come up with a single definition that fully encompasses everything that is packed into that word? The fact is that success looks different to everyone. Even to each individual, success can change. While one student finds success in scoring all A's, another may be more successful in scoring all D's.… Continue reading Key to Success

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There are many lessons that can be learned on a farm. The same lessons can be taught or learned elsewhere, but there is just something about experiencing the illustration in real life. Growing up on a beef farm, I had much interaction with cattle. One thing you learn very early is that these creatures have… Continue reading Ruminate

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Stop Giving!

The instrumentalist¬†had worked hard preparing for Sunday mornings offertory. Just as he was at the climax of the arrangement, the pastor suddenly approached the podium and announced, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but the trustees have just informed me that we have received too much! I'm going to have to stop the offering early. Sorry for… Continue reading Stop Giving!

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Oh, My God

Three simple words... Depending on the usage, this phrase could be one of the most meaningful or empty. Sadly, it does not appear to be most commonly used in the way that could truly be life-changing. How could three words be life-changing, you may ask? Consider each word. "Oh" signifies a moment of realization. "Let… Continue reading Oh, My God

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“I Surrender All”

All to Jesus I surrender All to Him I freely give. I will ever love and trust Him In His presence daily live. I surrender all; I surrender all All to Thee my¬†precious Savior I surrender all. What church doesn't know this hymn or use it as a frequent invitational song? Its popularity has grown… Continue reading “I Surrender All”