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Teacher Dad – Sick Day

The worst part about being a teacher and a new parent is the number of things you miss. Spending 8-10 hours each day at school is a huge amount of time away from the family. The plus side, though, is that soon they will be coming to school with me!

Today is unusual that I’m actually staying home. One of the hazards of being a teacher is that you are around all kinds of illnesses on a daily basis. We do everything we can to keep the students and ourselves healthy, but it is almost inevitable that you’re going to get hit. Ironically, I’m pretty sure the bug I picked up is actually from my own kids rather than my students.

Most teachers, I’m assuming, have a system for finding a substitute on sick days. My system, however, is probably unique in that my go-to sub happens to be my wife. Being sick, I’m not in any condition to keep both boys so we planned for a friend to watch our youngest today. As my wife was getting ready this morning, he woke up and was crying due to a bit of a cold he’s trying to get over as well. That’s when it happened!

I got to do something this morning I haven’t done in a long time. I went into his room, scooped him up in my arms (as weak as they are in my drowsy state), and went downstairs. Once there, he almost instantly fell asleep in my arms. I’m sure that is not a huge deal to many parents, but to parents that typically leave before their little ones are awake (like teachers) it is a special, special time. As I held him, so many thoughts and prayers went through my mind. What will this little man grow up to be? How will God use him? Am I doing everything I can to raise him properly? Does he know how much I love him? 

I’m sure many of you can relate. I hope you are able to have sweet moments like I had this morning. Take some time today to thank God for your family. Look for opportunities to share the love of Christ to those around you as you continue to…

Walk in Him!

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