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My Story

Everyone has a different story. Some may be similar to others but each story is unique. My story began on a small farm in western Pennsylvania. I was privileged to grow up in a Christian home. I attended a Christian school which was a ministry of my church. Not all that unique, though my entire family (dad’s side & mom’s side) attended as well. In fact, I graduated high school with two cousins from either side in my senior class.

There was never a time that I did not know of God. The gospel was probably one of the first “stories” that I knew. However, when I was seven, it all suddenly became real. Accepting Christ had always been something I had assumed was simply natural. It wasn’t something to overly concern myself with. I was seven after all. My thoughts were consumed with growing up to be a baseball-playing, Indian-fighting, damsel-saving, crime-solving Power Ranger (that’s what kids did). While attending camp, as I said when I was seven, we began discussing the end times during a devotional time. Not sure why a bunch of 7-8-year-olds were discussing Revelation, but we were. It was at that moment, though, that I realized my relationship with Christ needed to be the most important aspect of my life. He could come at any minute, and I needed to be sure that I would spend eternity with Him. At that moment, I asked my counselor to help me solidify that decision.

Most people may end their testimony at salvation, but that was just the beginning. From there I set off on a crazy journey. I struggled through adolescence with a terrible temper (still gets the better of me sometimes). Very early on I discovered an escape through singing, mainly spiritual songs. I played a few instruments as well, but nothing came close to just breaking into song at the drop of a hat (movie musicals were big at the time). In my teens, I began to realize how important my relationship with Christ really was. Again at camp, I made the decision to completely dedicate my life to God through some type of service. I felt very strongly, even then, that the Lord was leading me into Christian education.

Long story short, I went off to college in Wisconsin. I received more than just an education there. I was privileged to travel for the school on a singing/recruiting team three different fall semesters. Plays were also a large part of my college experience, climaxing with my chance to play Harold Hill in The Music Man. More importantly, however, lasting friendships were made at school. The best friendship, in fact, was discovered in my wife. Nine years of my life were spent at school (5 pursuing a BS in History Education, 3 pursuing an MA in Biblical Counseling, and 1 simply working for the school).

In 2014, my wife and I moved to Maryland to begin teaching. This is where we’ve been since then and have amazingly added two wonderful boys to our family. Teaching has been my lifelong pursuit. It is both a constant challenge and joy. However, in the recent months, I was presented the opportunity to become the next administrator of the school. I will write more about this experience in future posts, but let me say here that everything that God has done in my life thus far has led me to this point.

Whatever your life story, remember that God has a plan. We may not be able to see the big picture right now, but soon all will be made clear. We simply need to trust His Word and follow where he leads, one day at a time.

Remember to walk in Him!

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