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Teachers are supposed to decorate their classrooms in a¬†way that encourages learning. Upon entering the room, one should easily determine the grade level and subjects that are usually taught in that room. This year, I ran across a bulletin board idea that I needed to have in my room. It really doesn't have much to… Continue reading THINK

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Calming A King

Saul had disobeyed God. Instead of following the directions, he did things his own way. For that mistake, God removed the kingdom of Israel from Saul's future. Beyond that, 1 Samuel 16:14 states that God also removed His Spirit from Saul. In fact, God replaced His Spirit with an evil spirit that troubled Saul greatly.… Continue reading Calming A King

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How Much Is Too Much?

We've all done it. We've walked into the store while hungry and suddenly glanced down to realize nothing in the cart was actually on the grocery list. The marketing¬†teams of products chalk-up another win because they know how to appeal to our wants and desires. The question is how much of this "extra" is appropriate?… Continue reading How Much Is Too Much?