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Doubting the Trustworthy

How is it that humans are often doubting the only thing that they can trust in a given situation? Think of kids that won't jump into the pool where Dad had just caught them moments before because "He may miss this time!" Think of students who question the teacher on answers to tests with "Are… Continue reading Doubting the Trustworthy

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Stop Giving!

The instrumentalist had worked hard preparing for Sunday mornings offertory. Just as he was at the climax of the arrangement, the pastor suddenly approached the podium and announced, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but the trustees have just informed me that we have received too much! I'm going to have to stop the offering early. Sorry for… Continue reading Stop Giving!

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Oh, My God

Three simple words... Depending on the usage, this phrase could be one of the most meaningful or empty. Sadly, it does not appear to be most commonly used in the way that could truly be life-changing. How could three words be life-changing, you may ask? Consider each word. "Oh" signifies a moment of realization. "Let… Continue reading Oh, My God

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Is History Dead?

"Why do we have to learn about dead people?" This is a very common question, especially in a junior high classroom. The thing I love about history is that we have the opportunity to look at life through someone else's perspective. It's not like a movie or a fiction novel that we look at someone… Continue reading Is History Dead?