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What’s Your Excuse?

"It's not my fault!" How often do we hear that on a daily basis? How often do we SAY that on a daily basis? One glaring problem with modern society is the absolute neglect of personal responsibility. We see it all the time in movies and tv shows, especially talk shows with doctors of psychology… Continue reading What’s Your Excuse?

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Distracted By Leprosy

One of the Adult Sunday School classes at church is going through the book of Numbers. The event discussed this past Sunday was the twelve spies of Canaan. To give background, chapter 12 was discussed briefly. Numbers 12 gives the account of Miriam and Aaron (Moses' sister and brother) as they bring complaints about Moses'… Continue reading Distracted By Leprosy

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Personality Test

My wife recently took a personality test which led her to urge me to take it as well. The Briggs Myers test determines which of 16 personality types you are, deciding between things like extrovert/introvert, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving. Taking this test is supposed to help you understand more about yourself while at the same… Continue reading Personality Test

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Following the Stars

Have you ever considered that as technology continues to advance people tend to become less aware of their surroundings? Take,¬†for instance, the stars. For many centuries, people were very dependent on the stars for navigation, getting from one place to another. Some developed technology to more accurately read the stars, but looking at them was… Continue reading Following the Stars

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How Is Your Temple?

When Israel was first permitted to return to Jerusalem after exile, one of the major goals was to rebuild the temple. For whatever reason, that job was neglected for quite some time. The prophets Haggai and Zechariah reminded the people of the temple's importance and that it ought to be a higher priority. Isn't it… Continue reading How Is Your Temple?